Congratulations on being named Best Man or Maid of Honor. It’s an exciting position to have for an even more exciting occurrence. But for many, planning a bachelor or bachelorette party can be stressful. For those who are having a hard time planning the stag or hen party, fret no more now that Teeko Graphics is here. We specifically made this blog to help you plan the best pre-wedding party possible. Whether you’re planning a quiet board game night or a raucous night on the town, you can use this blog to guide you to the best party ever.

1 – Plan Around The Bachelor/Bachelorette

The number one rule to planning a bachelor or bachelorette party is to cater it around that specific person. Seeing as you’re celebrating their last night being unmarried, it should be all about them. Do things they want to do, not what you or anybody else wants to do. If your friend hates a certain bar, then by all means, don’t go there. If they want to do a certain activity, like brewery hopping, wine tasting, skydiving, or pottery making, be sure to work that into the evening or trip somehow. This is their big night before their big day, so make sure it’s all about them in every way. You and the other guests are absolutely free to suggest other activities, places, or games, but ultimately the decision comes down to the person who’s about to be married. No matter how picky they may be, or how much the other guests want to stray from the plan, make sure the soon-to-be bride or groom is having a good time at all times.

2 – GuestsFree stock photo of businessman, hands, writing, paper

Maybe you have the perfect plan for the big night. You’ve made all of the reservations, tickets, party favors, and after-party favors. You are ready to rock and celebrate someone you’re very close with. There’s only one problem though, you forgot to invite people. Nothing will ruin a bachelorette or bachelor party faster than it just being you and the soon-to-be married person trying to make it a party for two. Invite people, either through social media, text, email, or by traditional letter, and be sure that everyone invited is approved by the groom or bride. Send out the invitations as soon as you have a day that works for the largest majority of the group. Keep up communication, remind everyone to purchase their tickets, RSVP, or just that the party is still happening at the designated time. Life happens and sometimes things can be forgotten, even something as big as a hen or stag party. Just be sure the right people show up to the party so everyone can have a great time.

3 – Order Custom T-Shirts

Nothing screams bachelor or bachelorette party like some custom made t-shirts. Put everyone’s name on their own shirt, highlight the bride and groom, use nicknames, incorporate the wedding hashtag, you can even make your best man or maid of honor shirt stand out from the other groomsmen and bridesmaids. You can print basic names, funny inside jokes, or do the always classy tuxedo t-shirts that are perfect for both sexes. Ordering custom wedding shirts is sure to entice everyone involved, help them feel unique and part of the gang, and make for a unique wedding present. Not only that, but everyone that sees the custom shirts will be sure to comment on them and want to join in on the party, making your group the most popular people in town.

4 – Make The PlansGroup of People Doing Cheers

You’ve asked the bride or groom what they want, you have a guest list, and everything you’ll need to make it a night to remember. Now just be sure to make those hopes a reality by actually calling places and making the plans concrete. Make the reservations, book entertainment of whatever kind the main person wants, rent vehicles, and be sure that everyone knows you’re coming long before the day of the party. Having to settle for Plan B or lower when everyone thought they would be getting Plan A will put a real damper on the evening. Coordinate with the group when the best day to party will be and then plan around that. If you make plans early, expect to either have people drop out or even possibly added up until you’re at the party. If the party is a surprise, make sure only the ones that will be involved know about it, and have those group members sign a vow of secrecy so they don’t accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

5 – Adaptation

Like the great Bear Grylls always says, “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” The key to a successful party is the ability to finding not only a time that everyone can join, but activities that you can do at that time. If you have time before the wedding starts then you can plan accordingly, but for those that have to plan in a short amount of time, communication, improvisation, and adaptation are key elements to getting the party that’s right for your friend. Don’t be afraid to ask the bride or groom to be for a few alternatives if the first plans won’t coincide with time or cost. Know that planning around major holidays and weekends may increase the likelihood of not being able to reserve a spot at a certain time. If you’ve done your homework on the person the party is for though, chances are you’ll make it a great party that everyone can enjoy. If not, buy enough drinks for everyone to forget.

If you’re looking to order custom t-shirts for your upcoming bachelor or bachelorette party, then give the professionals at Teeko Graphics a call. Learn more about Teeko Graphics, start designing your custom t-shirts, or contact us to answer any questions you may have!