Summer is a great time to have a family reunion, whether you all live pretty close to one another, or you’re scattered throughout the country. Family reunions are a fantastic way to catch up, make memories, and take photos of everybody together. It is a pretty big undertaking, so knowing how to plan one can make things run much more smoothly!

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Here are some ways to make your family reunion planning go off without a hitch.

Plan Months in Advance

Summer can fill up quickly, between vacations, summer camp, sports, and other activities. Make sure your family knows well in advance what dates to set aside. You might even set aside a regular date every year, such as the second weekend in August, to make things easy.

Designate Tasks

When one or two people are in charge of everything, their enjoyment of the event is probably not going to be quite as much as those who get to show up and join the party. Make sure that the stress of party planning is shared among everyone. People can sign up to bring dishes, drinks, provide the event space, bring games, and so on. This ensures that everybody contributes and everybody can let loose and have a fun time!

Order T-Shirts

Part of the fun of getting everybody together is seeing how the kids grow from year to year, new additions to the family, and taking photos of the event. Order custom T-shirts from Teeko that everyone can wear to the reunion with the family name, a graphic, and the year printed on them. The sky is the limit as far as the design goes, so make it unique and have fun with it!

Stay in Touch

Every month, you can send out a newsletter to the family to build excitement, remind them of important dates, and to share family history. Setting this up through a service such as MailChimp is quick and easy, and ensures that everybody stays in the loop as the date comes closer. You can even create a Facebook that people can join, which allows for a lot of communication back and forth.

Plan Activities

You’ve built up the hype, you’ve put together all the details…now what? You don’t want to get everybody together just to sit around and look at each other. Make sure you have people sign up for games and other activities. You can have whiffle ball, a cards tournament, photo albums to look through, arts and crafts, and other games to name a few.

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