If you have a charity organization, church group, or club that regularly does fundraisers, you need to get creative. People are savvier than ever, and sometimes, you have to stand out above the rest to get noticed—and get those much-needed donations! Whether you’re doing something on a large scale or on a shoestring budget, we can help your cause gain the attention it needs!

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Here are some ways you can tackle your next fundraiser.

Sell Custom Screen Print Shirts

People love to show support for local groups by wearing custom screen print shirts! They’re not only showing that they supported a cause, but they’re also helping you get the word out. When you create a branded T-shirt that has your logo, the year, and other important information, you’re creating awareness throughout your community. Sell shirts to raise money for your group!

Tie-Dye Event

You know what’s more fun than a custom shirt? One that’s tie-dyed! Order custom T-shirts in white with black screen printing. Then organize an event where people can buy the shirts, tie-dye them to their liking. This type of event is a blast, and it’s an awesome way to spread the word on social media, too.

Dodgeball Competition

A dodgeball tournament can be so much fun, and can encourage teams throughout the community to sign up. Teams of six, for example, can register for the chance to enter the bracket, and each team can sport a T-shirt with your group’s branding in different colors. It’s a super entertaining way to get people to the event, and the memories will be priceless!

Pub Crawl

Team up with local breweries, wineries, tap rooms, and restaurants to create a pub crawl. Each establishment can sponsor the crawl and have their logo go on the back of the official pub crawl T-shirt. You can sell tickets through your website, at each of the bars, and make a fun night out of it. Make sure to put the name of your organization and the year on the T-shirt to create more visibility as the crawlers go out for the night!

Beard Contest

Beards are a pretty glorious thing, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Hold an event where the beardiest men in the community gather to see who has the fairest one of all. People can buy tickets for the event, vote on their favorite beard, and have a great time. Put the contestants in your custom T-shirt for the event, and offer the ticket holders an opportunity to buy them to further support your cause.

No matter what type of fundraiser you decide to go with, order custom T-shirts to commemorate the event! Contact us now to get started.