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Take advantage of our FAST and FREE Design Online software! Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can take the creative control and bring your t-shirt concepts to life!

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Teeko Graphics
2018 S.W. Main Blvd.
Lake City, FL 32025
Phone: (386) 754-5600
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1-866-GO-TEEKO (468-3356)
Teeko Graphics • ASI Supplier/ 342709

Print Services

With over 20‍‍‍ yea‍‍‍rs of experience, our service & productivity is the best in the business. From accessories, shirts, fleece and other apparel, trust Teeko to take your screen printing needs to the next level!

Embroidery Services

Providing leading embroidery services onsite, we digitize your art to ensure the optimum level of quality, control and prompt production. Whether it's hats, bags or polos, we can take care of all your stitching needs!

Christmas Catalog

Download: Christmas Catalog.pdf